Monday, July 5, 2010

Its been awhile...

Okay i admit it I've been slacking on the blogging. but i do have a valid reason that reason being of high stress and no motivation for anything other then talking to tyler and trying to plan a wedding. And some other upsetting reasons that will not be mentioned here. i like to blog when I'm happy, not when I'm mad at the world and frustrated with life, i would like my blogging experience to be a happy one just not for me but for all.

With that said I'm going to try and blog everyday even if my day isn't so happy or perfect that's okay cause i want to remember all of this later in life, and the only way for me to do that is to write everything down or in this day and age type everything out.

Just to be fair to all my unknown readers out there its only fair to give a short recap of some of the things that have been going on in the past 3 weeks:
i have been working 9-10 hour days at work, planning a wedding, getting together with my M.O.H (Maid of honor), picked out the wine for the wedding, picked out wedding announcements, talked to Tyler everyday even at odd hours, went summer clothes shopping, received my passport, went to 3 doctor appointments, asked Amanda (Tyler Sister) to be my bridesmaid, and I've been spending a lot of time with my mom doing wedding stuff, i also went wedding dress shopping but only tried on 2 dresses both of which i wasn't in love with.

But honestly the one thing ive been doing the most out of all these things is missing tyler and counting down the days until i go see him which is exactly 16days and a wake up (that's how they count down in the army)i miss Tyler more then anything ever! i cant wait to see him. i feel like my feelings for him grow stronger and stronger everyday. i cant wait to start my new life with him! There are so many new things I'm going to experience in the next year, like being married, moving out of my parents house, living in a different country, working in a different country and starting college again! i cant wait!anyways i just wanted everyone to read this to know I'm not dead ha-ha.
meet my Brides Maids:
My Maid Of Honor Ashley (Best Friend)Brides Maid: Nicole (Sister)
Brides Maid: Kylee (Sister)Brides Maid: Taylor (Best Friend)
Brides Maid: Amanda (Tyler's Sister)

Friday, June 18, 2010

to be continued

i dont feel like blogging right now ill blog tomorrow!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

who really doesnt know who justin bieber is....

I'll tell you who...Tyler . ha-ha it made me laugh so hard! he is like who the hell is Justin bieber. i think he is the only person who doesn't know who justin bieber is i mean seriously my mother knows who 16 year old justin bieber is haha good stuff!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

“Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.”

I realized today that the closer i get to seeing Tyler the more impatient i am getting!
i feel like the next 35 days are going to go by so slow now that i have bought my plane ticket to go see him.

I want to be with him NOW! And the sucky part is as soon as i get used to being around him and seeing him everyday in a row I'm going to have to come back to Washington again! i don't know what part will be harder, waiting to go see him OR leaving him to come home. At least our wedding plans are coming along nicely. we already have all our basic idea's down for just about everything!

Saturday my mom, Lorrie, and my MOH (Maid Of Honor) are all meeting for lunch to go over some idea's and so my mom and Tyler's mom can meet FINALLY! i talked to ylers mom this morning about somethings that were bothering me so i feel better now.. i just want to spend time with Tyler's family before i move. And i don't want anyone to feel left out when planning the wedding.

I also found out at work today that the doctor im supposed to be working for isnt supposed to start at our clinic untill the end of augest AND she is only part time and they hired me on as full time, so i guess ill be doing exactly what I'm doing now .. just sitting there all day with nothing to do because we are a new clinic that is over staffed, and the new doctor is NEW so she wont have a clientele built up yet! so i might move to Korea before November! No point in me being here doing nothing when i can be spending time with Tyler.

So my mom had this great idea for mine and Tyler's wedding favors, she said we should make a mix CD of some of mine and Ty's favorite songs then we can burn a whole bunch of copies for the guests and put them in sleeves with our picture and the date we got married on! i think that's such a great idea! we both love music and that's one thing we can agree on, i forgot to ask him about it when he called but I'm sure he will like this idea as well. i just want to give the guests something they can keep for a long time and to remember our wedding by.

Well i guess that's it for now except i have to say i miss tyler so much especially today for some reason! i cant wait to finally see him :) i love him so much! He is such a hard worker, and i am so proud of him everyday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i have a massive headache and i have had chest pain in my right upper chest all day, plus im irritated and frustrated with wedding crap at the moment ill blog tomorrow!!! i miss tyler.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is not Burger King so apparently you cant"have it your way"

So i go online to buy my airline ticket to go see Tyler in Korea and the total comes out to 1282.00 so i call to see if i can pay for the ticket on 2 separate cards and to see if i could get a military discount on my flight. the answer was yes to the first question and to the 2nd it was a no due to the fact that i would have to show my military id card when i show my passport , OK fine so no discount for me.

THEN.. the women on the phone asks me what flight I'm looking at, so i give her all my flight details then she gives me the total of 1368.00 and i said no that's not right cause online it says its only 1282.00 and she says that sometimes they dont update their website, therefore that price is not available anymore. Well that's just peachy! isn't that like false advertising? maybe not maybe im the only one who thinks that way..? (the right way)

AND THEN... I ask if i can get a military discount since im going to korea to marry my boyfriend in the ARMY (that's part of the military in-case you dont know). And the woman says " NO because you have to have your military ID to board the plane" and i said "well i will have it once i come back " and she says "no".

AND THEN... I ask if they take promotional codes and she says " No" we only offer that when you purchase an airline ticket online and i said "OK" but what i was really thinking was " well if u had payment options online i would be purchasing online now wouldn't i?"

SO THEN... the woman asks me for all the credit card details and this i swear to the good lord above was the longer process ever! it took this woman 35 minutes to ask me my name, address, credit card number and security code, for 2 cards. Seriously! come on!

So After its all said and done I'm flying to south Korea on July 22nd until august 1st for 1368 when realistically i could have gone on and got my ticket for 100$ cheaper! that's what i get for thinking!

The Good part of the day was when me and my mom went to my friends printing shop in Everett to see if we could design our wedding invites the way me and Tyler visioned and that actually worked out perfect! everything seems to be falling into place with the exception of a few bumps in the road along the way, but how boring would life be if you had no bumps in the road and you lived life at a constant like a straight line______________________ i would much rather live like this -_-_-____-----_____----_-_-___- its way more interesting! dont you think? ( just say yes, because you know I'm right).

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today i have not been feeling good at all.

i woke up at 10 and haven't been feeling good all day, my eyes are red and itchy, my glands are swollen, ive had a migraine all day and body aches. i hope im not getting sick and its just my allergies! i cant afford to be sick right now, or for the next 6 months! i have so much stuff to get done and plan before i move.

i wish Tyler was here ! i miss him so much! i hope this next month goes by fast like the past 3 have ! i cant wait to get married. Tyler and i have been planning the wedding and have our wedding parties picked out!! i cant wait to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids!! i think our wedding next summer is going to be beautiful but simple and definitely a day to remember. I'm so happy and blessed to have the family and friends i have, and i am so thankful for having Tyler and his family in my life.

I'm glad I'm going to have 2 brothers, i have a brother but haven't seen him since sophomore year of high school and i barley saw him before that, it will be nice to have brother figures around who i know will look out for me especially if Tyler ends up getting deployed. Lorrie and Dave are Awesome parents and I'm glad we all get along and get to spend this summer together.They both have done such an amazing job raising 3 boys and providing for them and teaching them responsibility and respect, my parents also have done the same with me and my family , i hope i can be a great parent like them one day.

My In-laws!
from left to right: Christopher (big Brother), Kyle (Little Brother), Dave (Dad), Lorrie (Mom)

I'm also marrying into a family with the same values and Morales that i grew up with. Tyler and i were talking about how old fashion we both are when it comes to marriage and family.
We both agree that divorce will NEVER be an option and we both are stuck with each other. i think this is an important thing to establish before you get married , if u throw out the option of divorce you are forced to always workout difference's with each other no matter how big the problem is you may encounter with each other. In the end all the problems you face together only make you stronger as a whole.

I have so many things to look forward to this next year, i cant wait to experience new adventures with OUR new families and friends. I'm sure they are excited to experience this new adventure with Tyler and I as well!
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